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Dr Claudia Aguirre’s appointment to Six Senses’ Wellness Board an 'exciting approach to wellness'

09 Mar 2018
Leading neuroscientist and TEDx speaker, Dr Claudia Aguirre, has been named as the newest addition to Six Senses Wellness Board.

Aguirre – who gained her doctorate at the University of Southern California – specialises in the connection between the brain and the skin. She is a mind-body expert, as well as a TED Ed eductor and invited lecturer at Stanford University. She will head up Six Senses’ Holistic Anti-Ageing Clinic, which is set to open at Six Senses Kaplankaya, Turkey, in May this year, before being rolled out across selected Six Senses spas.

The clinic will feature a number of anti-ageing treatment programmes, each including an advanced skin analysis, wellness screening, sleep analysis and a consultation on lifestyle factors. Wellness experts will then be able to prescribe personalised skin treatment plans incorporating advanced ingredients and equipment, nutrition, supplements, treatments, movement and mindfulness.

“While it’s true that our genes contribute to how our skin ages, ‘lifestyle ageing’ is overlooked and easily addressed with proper education,” Aguirre explained.

“The brain-skin-gut connection considers how psycho-social pressures, coupled with an improper diet, negatively impact gut microbiota, and ultimately result in inflamed and unbalanced skin that ages prematurely. What we are doing with Six senses is a real opportunity to help people look and feel younger from the inside out."

Anna Bjurstam, vice president of spas and wellness said that she was excited to work with Aguirre going forward.

"We will delve deep into various lifestyle factors – what we eat and drink, our stress levels and hormonal balance, and other parameters such as insulin resistance, gut and intestine imbalances, the quality of sleep and the toxicity of our body," she said. "It’s an exciting approach to wellness that we expect will really benefit guests based on initial research and program feedback.”

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