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Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles launches wellness-themed rooms

12 Mar 2018
Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles has partnered with wellness real estate company Delos to launch Wellness Rooms at its Beverly Hills hotel.

Designed to optimise the mental and physical wellbeing of health-conscious travellers, the Wellness accommodation consists of five wellness-themed guest rooms and two suites adjacent to the spa.

The rooms are designed to incorporate stylish interior design with “eco chic features”. Guests will have access to a number of programmes, including sleep, stress and nutrition programmes, developed by the Cleveland Clinic, guided meditations by Deepak Chopra, and nutritious menu options, approved by the Cleveland Clinic, from GoWell.

The rooms also offer circadian lighting developed by Delos. Controlled by a Mood Box, the lighting is engineered to simulate the colour, temperature and intensity of natural outdoor light. It is designed to energise the body during the day and improve overall sleep quality at night. It features three settings: Energising, a bright white light that suppresses melatonin, Relax, a soft amber light that encourages sleep, and Play, which offers a range of colourful hued lights from magenta to pastel pinks.

A state-of-the-art air purification system also features, filtering out allergens and toxins, while shower 'dechlorinators' reduce chlorine levels in the water. A range of in-room amenities include exercise equipment, Alo Yoga mats, natural toiletries and nutritious mini-bar snacks.

“Guests of Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills place a big priority on wellness to stay fit and healthy while travelling, especially with today’s hectic pace,” said Michael Newcombe, general manager and chair of the company’s Global Spa and Wellness Task Force.

“We are continually looking to evolve the guest experience to deliver products and experiences that resonate with our guests, and this is the perfect hotel to launch a room product dedicated to supporting a wellness-based lifestyle while on the road."

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