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About Spa & Wellness Careers

The mission of Spa & Wellness Careers is to support careers in the spa and wellness industries through education and inspiration.

Spa and wellness businesses are growing. In a world that is becoming increasingly high-tech, high-touch services and industries become more sought after and valuable for the wellbeing of our global population. Today, the spa and wellness industries comprise a $3.4 trillion mega-industry with an annual growth of over 6 per cent annually since 2007.

Spa & Wellness Careers offers you the opportunity to discover and explore career opportunities within this mega-industry that can be found around the globe from exotic locations to urban cities. Our goal is to be of service to those who are curious about a career in spa and wellness.

By pursuing a spa and wellness career, you are joining a community that loves their jobs, learns from the best, sees quick growth through the ranks. According to a recent survey, 80 per cent of spa industry professionals would recommend a career in Spa Management to their best friend and 66 per cent said their career growth in the Spa Industry was FAST! In these people-oriented careers, excellent training, professionalism and mindfulness are important assets you gather along your journey and can be easily applied within many other industries. You also may receive some amazing perks ... think discounted treatments or experiences, trips to conferences, spa products, and plenty of new friends that want to see you succeed!

Spa and wellness professionals are committed to enhancing the environment around them, both within the walls of their company and without. With a talent for balancing the "soft" and "hard" skills necessary for running a successful spa or wellness facility, spa and wellness professionals lead with their heart and place importance on their greatest asset - their employees.

So, whether it is through your own hands or by leading an amazing team, Spa & Wellness Careers give you the opportunity to give back to others and live a rewarding career.

Spa & Wellness Careers

Explore a rewarding career in spa and wellness

Spa & Wellness Careers is an easy and comprehensive resource for you to explore a career in spa and wellness and grow with the industry. We serve as a launchpad for your next opportunity providing you with quality support tools, up-to-date information, and personal stories of how to maximize your success in this growing industry.

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