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Career Development and Job Security

We are living in interesting times. The world is experiencing immense transformation throughout the social, political and personal areas of our lives. Many people are questioning what lays ahead for them with so many looming changes. How does this impact our families, job security and career direction? That mingled with the quest for freedom in a landscape of uncertainty, can be a challenging pursuit.

Benefits of a career in beauty therapy

Do you enjoy pampering your family and friends? Are you like a kid in a sweet shop when it comes to new beauty products? A career in beauty may be perfect for you. The benefit of working in the beauty industry is your job is very varied. From bridal make-up to anti-aging facials, the work of a beauty therapist is limitless.

Hard skills versus soft skills

At first glance one might say that career paths in the spa industry are a bit schizophrenic given that the sensibilities and skill set that make for excellent therapists sometimes may not provide the tools needed for a “bottom line” manager.

Four Values to Support Your Success

There are countless options to consider when you choose a career in spa and wellness. You can pick from hundreds of different positions and personalize your role in nearly all of them.

Set Your Performance Bar at 100%

Remember when you were in school you needed to get a certain score in order to pass? It might have been 70%, 75%, or in some cases only 65%. What this really means is that it didn’t matter if you didn’t know 30%, 25% or 35% of the material. So how does this translate to the treatment room and your practice? It doesn’t translate well if we use those same bars.

Bridging the Divide: Spa Massage and Clinical Applications

I am the first to say it out loud: I have been around for a long time. I am a geezer. I began my massage therapy career in the early 1980s in Washington State. At that time if I had wanted to open a business, zoning laws would have required me to locate it on the same block with the triple X movie theaters and adult bookstores. Oh, we’ve come such a long, long way.

Oh, the places you’ll go!

I grew up on a golf course, literally, the 4th fairway was in my backyard. My parents worked at this golf course, and I spent most of my childhood there with my nose in a book. The golf course members were a second "family" who celebrated successes, mourned one another’s losses, and always made time for "the 19th hole."

Fuel your higher purpose through a career in spa

When I was in college I wanted to save the world. I was working towards a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Vermont and couldn’t ignore my frustration, even anger, that our environment was being depleted faster than it could recover.

Non-traditional career paths in spa and wellness

Most management books, every career counselor and all the head hunters tell you that you need to have a plan for your career path that includes a back-up and contingency (or two) in the event of, well almost anything.

A Career in Massage Therapy

Every year, more consumers are utilizing massage therapy for the many health benefits it offers. Today, more than ever before, people are recognizing the value of alternative wellness services like massage therapy in reducing pain and stress, increasing energy and wellness, and managing symptoms created by various physical and emotional disorders.

New spa language for developing employees

Rarely at a spa industry conference do you find a blend of spa suppliers, spa operators, academia’s and policy makers. Washington, D.C. was the perfect backdrop for an unlikely mismatched group of industry professionals attending the 6th Annual Washington Spa Alliance Symposium on March 22, 2016.

Benefits of a Spa and Wellness Career

Over 500 spa industry leaders have been surveyed to produce a non-scientific “snapshot” of the spa and wellness industry.

Five great reasons you would love a spa career

Leaders in the spa industry say their career is fulfilling and rewarding and a recent study by The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2020, spa jobs will increase by 25%.

Career Advice: Anna Bjurstam

I often meet enthusiastic staff, such as therapists, receptionists and head therapists/receptionists who say they want to be spa managers within two to three years time.

Career Advice: Elena Bogacheva

No matter what the starting point of your career path in spa and wellness industry was or will be, be always open to all learning opportunities.

Career Advice: Angela Cortright

Create your own personal ‘board of directors’. These could be industry associates, community leaders, coworkers who you respect, relatives, etc.

Career Advice: Aldina Duarte Ramos

Lead by example and innovate, don't be shy. If you fail ,you will learn from it. If you win you will learn from it!

Career Advice: Elaine Fenard

The three e’s, education, experience and escape are keys to success. Look for companies that provide training and programs that allow you to educate yourself.

Career Advice: Andrew Gibson

The spa and wellness industry offers the opportunity to combine your passion for helping people whilst developing every aspect of managing a business.

Career Advice: Nancy Griffin

Think outside of the box when it comes to the delivery of spa services - the best ideas are yet to come.

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